Wriggle Town is a lively, bustling city, where something interesting happens all the time. Just like in any other place, there is also a city centre here with brightly sparkling office buildings reaching to the sky, elegant boulevards, and glittering shop windows. The tourists here roam the Old Town too, walking on the streets with cobblestones, and after school the children return home to quiet, peaceful suburban houses. At first glance Wriggle Town doesn’t look a bit different from any other place.

But there is a special part of town, which we cannot forget about: this is Waste Works Yard, which is found on the outskirts of town, and where the refuse coming from the garbage cans from the city are collected and recycled. Here you can find the Big Waste Collection Tank, the Recycling Hall, the Burner, The Great Assembly Hall, and most importantly, the Garage. This is the home of ten special garbage trucks. They are the ones who are loved and respected by all the residents of Wriggle Town, because, thanks to them, there is always order and cleanliness in town.

Apart from their regular tasks, they are the ones who make sure nothing bad happens in Wriggle Town that could harm the environment or could endanger people’s lives. Get to know them and their adventures through the tales of the “Waste Works” story series.

The first book in the Waste Works Yard series was launched in Hungary. The second book followed quickly, and several more books are in line and waiting to be released. There are two stories in each book, and each story has a number of questions related to the text. You can also find interesting facts related to topics in the stories, perhaps a video clip, an idea for an arts and crafts project, or a brief description of other readers' work.


The first book is called Wriggle Town Celebrates, where we meet the main characters in the stories, ten special garbage trucks. The story tells of how they help the children in the kindergarten after a storm and how they save the spring festival.

The two stories in the book are:

The Most Beautiful Garbage Truck
Special Instruments

In the book there are also several questions that help the children understand and process the text.

In connection with the story Special Instruments we introduce a band that has made all of its instruments from recycled material that they have found. The band members are young and live in South America in a small town in Paraguay called Cateura. In the book you will find two links to videos that talk about how the band was formed, how they play and what kinds of waste they have used to make instruments.

The books are not available in English yet, but as soon as they are published we will be sure to let you know!