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Environmental program

A gold mine for kindergartens and schools. Here you find educational materials that will help to teach the next generation about waste as a resource.

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«Extra! Extra! Read all about it!» shouts Splotch. All news, events and interesting facts about the series gathered in one place.

Waste Works Yard

In the series about Waste Works Yard children are invited to join exciting adventures through the stories about ten garbage trucks.

An Environmental program for kindergartens and schools

By listening to the stories the children learn how important it is to care for the environment, to recycle and to take proper care of the recycled waste and understand the dire consequences it can have if we do not stop wasting our natural resources.


In a world threatened by global warming and the destruction of nature, it is becoming increasingly important to teach children how to care for the environment.

It is important that we, through the use and support of a variety of tools, help them practice an environmental awareness that will follow them throughout their lives.


Workshop & Activities

Skilful readers, this is for you! We believe that environmental awareness is not only developed by teaching children to recycle but also by having fun with it and making it a natural part of everyday life. Therefore, our activities and tasks are based on the use of recycled material. Here you will find ideas for making a memory game with coffee capsules and how to create your own unique storybook. Find something you want to make and have fun! Our motto is: "From waste to resource!" If you come up with a good idea, don't hesitate to share it with us!

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- The adventures of ten unique garbage trucks who handle waste, sweep and clean the streets, clean and plough snow in Wriggle Town
- A series of lively, exciting and fun adventures that show children the importance of taking care of the environment
- Friendship, unity, helpfulness and solidarity are all important themes in each and every story

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