The citizens of Wriggle Town are very appreciative of the gang at Waste Works Yard for all they do to keep their streets clean and pretty. They know all too well that without them the streets would be filthy and full of litter, and the parks and playgrounds would not be very nice places to be in..

  • ..if Clara and Malvina didn't empty the bins
  • ..if Wilma and Waldemar didn't sweep the streets
  • ..if Wanda didn't make sure to keep the Old Town tidy
  • ..if Walter didn't empty the containers in time
  • ..if Willy didn't plow the snow or help cars out of the ditches when they slid on the ice
  • ..if Vera didn't water the streets on hot summer days
  • ..if Goliath didn't help to trim dry branches off the trees, or
  • ..if Samson didn't gather and remove waste from building sites

..then nobody would be able to recognize this ever so clean and beautiful town.

Quoted from the story: "The Most Beautiful Garbage Truck".


The three-axis container carrier is the biggest and strongest one amongst the garbage trucks, and sometimes that makes him a little too self-confident.


He is the city’s gangly and sometimes awkward crane truck. He is quiet and shy, but he has a sharp mind and a kind heart.


He is a recycling truck and a real jack-of-all-trades. He uses strictly recycled waste for his repairs and hand-made special contraptions.


She is a garbage collection truck and also Malvina’s partner. She is always curious about everything, a real gossipmonger but always reliable.


She is also a garbage collection truck and Clara’s other half. She is a busybody as well, but she has a heart of gold.


She is a lively and diligent garbage truck. She is the smallest, and according to many, the vainest truck of the gang.


He is a tractor who is unrivalled in his versatility: sometimes he is a snow plough, sometimes a tow truck, on occasion he even digs ditches or works as a loading truck... and he is experienced in a great many other things as well.


He is a large street sweeper who is curious and quite the explorer. He wants to know everything about the world.


She is a water truck and the wise old matron of Waste Works Yard; her wisdom, tranquillity and meekness are without limits.


She is a small street sweeper truck who can fit into the narrow streets of downtown. She is hard-working and helpful, but sometimes opinionated and argumentative as well.


He is a rag doll. He is comparable to nothing and no one and has a very colourful and unique personality.


She is a small teddy bear.


He is a tin soldier.