Skilful readers, this is for you! We believe that environmental awareness is not only developed by teaching children to recycle but also by having fun with it and making it a natural part of everyday life. Therefore, our activities and tasks are based on the use of recycled material. Here you will find ideas for making a memory game with coffee capsules and how to create your own unique storybook. Find something you want to make and have fun! Our motto is: "From waste to resource!" And if you come up with a good idea, please don't hesitate to share it with us!

Halloween workshop with Waste Works Yard - make decorations from waste

Leftover yarn, cardboard and some creativity...

Let's crochet Splotch!

Paca-kukavalIf you have scrap yarn at home, it's time to use it for something! I am absolutely sure that any Waste Works Yard fan will love having a real Splotch to play with.