Children love garbage trucks. They drop whatever is in their hands and run to the window when they hear one of them outside the house. They wave eagerly and pay close attention when the trash cans are lifted high up in the air and emptied one by one. In the series about Waste Works Yard, the children get involved in exciting adventures through the stories about the garbage trucks that live in Wriggle Town. Ten of them – tank trucks, street sweepers, large and small garbage trucks, crane trucks, snow ploughs and a container truck - all have important tasks in the city. Without them the streets, squares and parks would be full of trash and very filthy. The children learn about friendship, unity, helpfulness and solidarity and what these things mean to all of us. In addition, they learn about how we can protect the environment, sort and handle waste and the consequences of not caring for our nature.

In a world threatened by global warming and the destruction of nature, it is becoming increasingly important to teach children how to care for the environment. The goal is not to make them fear for the future but rather to make environmentally friendly thinking a natural part of growing up. What better way of doing it than with a fun, playful, educational and pleasant story?