What kinds of garbage trucks did our grandparents see?

  • When mother was small, did she sit by the window and wait for the garbage truck to show up?
  • What kinds of waste trucks did our grandparents wave at in the old days?
  • What kinds of brooms did Waldemar have in the old days?
  • When did the first little street sweeper come to our town?
  • Curious aspiring archaeologists and time travellers, this is the page for you!

Waste rickshaw and other vehicles

  • What kinds of waste vehicles do we find in the Far East?
  • How are the trucks able to move in the desert?
  • Is it true that some garbage trucks have studded tires?
  • What do waste trucks look like in Japan or China? Are there robots or manga characters that control the Japanese garbage trucks? What do the drivers look like in China?
  • We promise to slowly but surely find explanations and tell you what we find!