With innovative and creative minds, our future children should take responsibility for the environment by perceiving garbage and reuse as a resource.

The environmental program is a comprehensive teaching concept adapted to the everyday life of kindergartens and small schoolchildren. The environmental program consists of stories about 10 garbage trucks with different personalities and tasks in a place called Wriggle Town. The stories teach children about the environment, recycling, solidarity, friendship, creativity, waste management, reuse and taking responsibility for our environment.

The program contains stories, colouring sheets, skill development sheets, questions, audio books, paper theatre, creative workshop/arts and crafts activities using waste.

The purpose of Waste Works Yard is to provide a complete environmental program for all kindergartens.

In a world threatened by global warming and the destruction of nature, it is becoming increasingly important to teach children how to care for the environment. It is vital that we, with the support of a variety of tools, help them achieve an environmental awareness that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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